Something New?

Is this something new?  Not really.  Movie review blogs are a dime a dozen.  Anybody can write a review.  What I want to try to do is explore things on a level other than good or bad, rotten or fresh.  Those things are important, but I don’t feel like they give us everything.

J.R.R. Tolkien explained to C.S. Lewis that most stories, to some degree or another, carry splinters of light—fragments that point the way to the Great Story.  The reviewers I admire do a good job of highlighting those fragments.  But, even among the long lists of movies they’ve managed to review, there are a few films I enjoy that they just haven’t written about.  That, and there are times when I see things differently than they do.

That’s where this site comes in.  This is a chance for me to emulate the kind of thinking I admire about a medium I love.  I want to pull up a chair, try and add to the discussion.  I want to keep the conversation going.

The content here will consist of reviews as well as essays.  The older the film, the less effort I’ll make to keep away from spoilers, so consider yourself warned.

And consider yourself invited.  My word on film is not the final word.  Far from it.  I’ll welcome any and all comments, so long as they’re constructive and fruitful.

First up: John Carter (2012).  Coming Wednesday.

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